We've done it again! The BT 6500 is our most advanced adjustable foundation to date. It comes complete with bluetooth and BedTech App, 4 motors (Head tilt, head and foot adjustment and lumbar support)! Additionally, it boasts head and foot massage w/3 Levels of Intensity and 3 vibration modes, one-touch return to flat, 2 programmable positions, and a gentle wake feature. Discover even more features in the owners manual.

    Bedtech BT6500 Adjustable Bed


      •  4 motors includes (Head & Foot adjustment, Head tilt, and Lumbar support)

      • Bluetooth with BedTech App

      • Full-Range Positions Adjustment (Head, Foot, Head Tilt)

      • One Touch Return to Flat

      • 3 Preset Positions
      • LCD Remote
      • 2 Programmable Memory Positions

      • 2 Built in USB Charge Ports
      • Head/Foot Massage w/3 Levels of Intensity and 3 Vibration Modes

      • Gentle Wake (Base wakes you by gently raising you up)

      • Under bed LED lighting

      • Built in Flash Light Hand Control

      • 850 lbs Weight Capacity
      • 9" Adjustable Legs (6"+3")

      • Emergency Power Supply